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Phillip Roffman Introduces Us to Subculture

Photo by Ian Whitlen

There's been some buzz going on about an up-and-coming company based in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

That company's name is Subculture, and the man in charge of this innovative endeavor is Phillip Roffman. 

And now, they've just released a video describing what Subculture is all about. The video pretty much explains it all, but if you're hungry for more, check out the mini-interview I had with Phillip below. (Full in-depth interview coming soon!)

Welcome to Subculture from Subculture on Vimeo.

Video directed by Rob Bejusca

Quick Q&A with Phillip to get the ball rolling on Subculture's plans. 

What's Subculture all about?

At Subculture, our goal is to bring entertainment to suburban communities that lack the excitement and flavor most metropolitan areas experience like Chicago, New York, or Los Angeles have. Subculture is going to be about hosting events, such as Record Store Day with Radio Active Records, igniting concerts with venues, promoting charity causes, and finally, it’s beginning to develop hosting its own festivals.

Would you say your connection to Consequence of Sound inspired the creation of Subculture? 

Consequence of Sound has always and will always influence me creatively in regards to the music industry-- whether it be how I interpret an album or how I enjoy a show etc. Subculture, however, was created based on the passion for people coming together within a community-- whether it be for an event, idea, or festival-- all for the purpose to ignite something significant. 

Finish the following sentence. "Man, South Florida could really use more _[_____]_!" 


Living in South Florida for the majority of my life, I was constantly aware of this tug of war battle between Broward County and Miami. The battle? Who had more culture. Both areas have equal amount of Culture. Subculture just wanted to help people discover and ignite more of these events for all to benefit from both economically and for sheer enjoyment.

What do you want people to associate Subculture with?

Subculture is about discovery, entertainment, and community growth. When it comes down to it, however, perception is reality and it's up to our audience to create what Subculture is to them. With that said, I'm extremely excited to find out what they have in mind.

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