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Recap: SweatStock 2012 

Picture by Ben Guzman. Deaf Poets rocked with SweatStock on stage!

SweatStock 2012: Local Music Destination & Band Paradise. Brought to you by Lolo from Sweat Records, Heinneken and The Knight Foundation.

SweatStock rallied up some of the most talented local musicians to let loose, play hard and belt out lyrics we all knew by heart. 

Check out some pics that were taken the night of and look closely at the image. You may find a link to an article, or you might just see a lot more going on than you noticed at first glance.

Photo by Ben Guzman.

The Deaf Poets were amazing!

Here are some insta-pics taken by myself, @Anais_Alexandre.

KRISP was one of the best performances of the night!

Need some more KRISP? Check out our past article on them.

PLAINS played an amazing set!

 Can't get enough of PLAINS? Feed your addiction here.


Note: I should say that this is a limited photo recap. I wish I could've been at SweatStock the entire day but I wasn't able to. Either way it was tons of fun, and I can't wait for next years!


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