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Interview: Ice Cream & Why They Moved To NYC

ICE CREAM FacebookI recently spoke with the band ICE CREAM about why they chose to move to NYC, and what Miami is lacking musically. 

Bandmember Justin Anthony Rivers spoke on behalf of the band. (Other bandmembers; Thomas Kennedy, Roy Neil Hunter, Joel Gutman and Alex Lashley)

Anais: Let's get right to it. What could South Florida use more of to build up the music scene?

Justin: South Florida could use more support from show promotors, venue owners/managers, and other local bands. Promotors in South Florida generally have no clue how to handle an event featuring local acts.

Venue owners/managers don't care to associate with local acts, and never come close to making sure the money being made is given to the bands by the promotor. Other bands are not supportive of something that is a bit different, despite how good it might be, there is always weird tension behind fake smiles. 

In your opinion, what is the biggest hindrance for up and coming bands trying to grow as musicians in South Florida?

The biggest hindrances are promotors, venue owners/managers, and other local bands as I stated before. There is hardly any communication or risk taking, which are important for success.

What does New York offer bands that you haven't found elsewhere?

New York offers a clearer possibility of making a living off of music, especially if you are highly committed. There are more people here, more directness, and more openness. There is a far better understanding on how to treat, and book local acts. I know several people here who make a very decent living off of their music.

Unfortunately we do not believe that a healthy musical community can ever arise in South Florida. We had some awesome times due to audiences, and some very kind attention from the press. It was really just the people who should be involved on a professional level that cause weird barriers for up and comers. 

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