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Food Bloggers Unite! Blogger's Bake Sale April 28th!

Instagram Image by @TheJamGardenMuch live the Avengers, local food bloggers all over South Florida are joining forces for the good of mankind. If you stop and listen closely, you'll hear them hurriedly whisking up towers of tasty treats for the National Food Blogger's Bake Sale this Saturday, April 28th. All the proceeds go to the Share Our Strength, "No Kid Hungry," movement. 

Whose showing up? Whisk, Freakin' Flamingo, Copperpot's, WokStar, It's a Bundt and tons of other local bloggers!

If you can't attend, you can always donate! 

Every dollar donated can make a huge impact. Last year the Miami event raised over $2,000 dollars. That's a whole lotta cupcakes and gourmet mini-tarts people.

The event this year will be held at the South Miami Farmers' Market, located at 6130 Sunset Drive, Miami, Fl 33143, and will run from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Bottom Line: Pigging out on sweets is awesome enough, but doing it for a good cause makes being a sweets glutton worth it.

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