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Event: Bee Heaven Farm's 7th Annual Farm Day

Can't go to Bee Heaven without getting honey!

Bee Heaven is a local organic farm in Redland, Fl. The farm is usually not open to the public, but this weekend's 7th Annual Farm Day was an exception. I got to check out all the produce they're growing, see the gorgeous property and sample some delicious almond milk ice cream by Real Sorbet.

Rows of veggies growing :)Great prices on super fresh produce

Doesn't that look delicious?

I loved how Real Sorbet used black sapote from the farm to inspire their newest flavor. They used organic sapote, hazelnuts, almond milk, cacao and espresso for their 'Bee Heaven Black Sapote' flavor. They also had Maple Gingerbread which was creamy, true to the flavor, and crazy good. They pride themselves on choosing sustainable, high quality ingredients and it definitely shows in their product. 

The Real SorbetMaple Gingerbread Pint of Almond Milk Ice CreamThe Farm Day was fun, and everyone was relaxing in the sun enjoying the plentiful food from the food truck (Dim Ssam a Gogo) and the live music. People were wandering into the Barn to purchase produce and if they still wanted to do more they could always go on a hay ride with farm owner Margie behind the wheel. Don't act like you wouldn't be psyched to ride!

Margie giving guest hay rides, don't act like you don't wanna ride!

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